Intrabuilding Visual Awareness

Welcome to a World Without Walls

This is the true magic of BuildingDNA: Intrabuilding Visual Awareness.

A mouthful, right? Simply put, IVA provides real-time visibility into building interiors, bringing a building to life and letting it speak to the people that care most and require accurate awareness. Finally – Public Safety, Business Continuity, and Building Operations ALL using the same data in one seamless, easy to use platform!

It is saving money and can save lives, and it does so through a revolutionary use of the Internet of Things (IoT). If we lost you on the IoT, imagine Twitter for machines and sensors – they now have the ability to talk to us, and even to each other. They can alert us to issues before they ever occur, but no one had yet given them a platform for communication that actually gives the folks in charge a means to act and efficiently execute…until BuildingDNA.

But first, some background:

The Internet of Things

  • The Industrial Mandate for Actionable Building Data

    “The importance of in-building communications for the public and public safety has never been more critical than it is in today’s world. Public safety organizations rely on mission critical voice and data communications that allow them to make informed decisions in an effort to provide emergency services to the public in an efficient, effective and responsive manner.”

    Safer Buildings Coalition

    Chief Alan Perdue, Executive Director

    Did You Know?

    The annual investment in US Homeland Security & Public Safety products and services is expected to grow to $81 billion by 2020

  • And to be Safe, Buildings are Becoming Smart

    Annual shipments of wireless sensor network devices are expected to increase by more than 600% within the next five years, with the top three markets in energy management, smart lighting, and safety/security.

    Cities that are making the move to becoming “Smart Cities” claim the number one goal is to address the concern for public and community safety. Their primary spend is on surveillance, visualization, and Big Data analytics.

  • Smart Building Market Forecast

    Cisco calculates that Smart Buildings represent a $349 billion opportunity

    Smart Building investments expected to triple from $5.5 billion in 2012 to $18.1 billion by 2017 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

    Investment in energy efficient retrofits could reach $300 billion

    over next 10 years (The Economist Intelligence Unit)

This is happening. This is the world in which we live. And BuildingDNA has built a three-pronged platform that defines the next phase of smart community evolution – and leaves legacy solutions grasping at air.

The Three Components

  • Unique, powerful solutions for:

    • Emergency Planning & Response
    • Fire & Life Safety
    • Asset Management
    • Surveillance Video
    • Access Control
  • Connected Building Systems
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics