Facility Management

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made when you own any type of facility. It's not only strenuous, but actually impossible, to observe everything from everywhere at once. It is because of this that your facility could suffer due to unintentional negligence. However, with BuildingDNA and our facility integration system, your worries are over. Are you looking into a safer option when it comes to your facility management? Whether you've tried a maintenance automation system in the past or you're looking into smart systems for the very first time, our facility maintenance solution can provide you with a safer and smarter option in building automation technology.

Your Facility Maintenance System Solution

With our facility maintenance technology, we pride ourselves in the innovation we provide to the buildings in your area with our integrated facility management solution. BuildingDNA offers you the most secure and integrated software solution in facility management. We're a Denver-based Software as a Service (SaaS) smart building company, offering building system management and software integration for every problem that facility management endures. While there are substantial benefits to owning a smart building, the expenses involved can make it challenging to obtain a favorable return on investment. The problem here lies with the increasing complexity of smart building management systems, until BuildingDNA.

An Integrated Facility Management Software Solution

There are many key benefits to the BuildingDNA solution and our intelligent, integrated building management system. We provide you with an incredibly sleek and user-friendly visual interface with our building management software, your intelligent facility and security management solution. This makes your transition easy and simple for all parties to adopt with our company's integrated facility management system. Our platform also connects to all disparate building systems and provides you with predictive/prescriptive analytics. With BuildingDNA, your experience is akin having an engineering and security team at your convenience, every hour of every day, all year round.

The Leader in Visual Intelligence

BuildingDNA is the leader in visual intelligence for smarter, safer buildings and the holder of IoT Breakthrough's prestigious "Overall Smart City Solution of the Year." IoT is an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market today. Along with their gracious recognition and our outstanding building management control system, your decision for a "smart" security and facility integration system goes hand in hand with BuildingDNA.

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BuildingDNA is creating safer, more sustainable communities, one building at a time. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), BuildingDNA offers Intrabuilding Visual Awareness™ (IVA) through our smart facility management system. This integrated software has powerful applications in public safety, business continuity, and building maintenance with our facility maintenance automation system. This is the maintenance solution and smart building management system you've been looking for. Give us a call today for more information on our facility management company.

BuildingDNA cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things, we provide a building automation system and building management solution, creating a safer community.

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