Our vision here at BuildingDNA is to bring the ultimate building security software and building integration solution to you with our building control system. Imagine a world without walls. A world where you're always audibly notified the moment an incident occurs with building maintenance software and building security technology. That's the world we see here at BuildingDNA, your choice in building system management. Our Intrabuilding Visual Awareness™ (IVA) technology solution provides you innovation as you've never seen it before with our intelligent building maintenance software system. Welcome to the future. Welcome to BuildingDNA and our building integration solution.

Building Automation

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Facility Management

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Public Safety

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With our building continuity system and building maintenance software, you get the maintenance and information you need from your building, along with system alerts providing you fast-acting assistance as well. Our building maintainance system and smart building option offers you the statistics and analytics that you need from your building, and providing you the ultimate smart building with our building maintenance software at BuildingDNA and our building continuity system.

BuildingDNA and Outstanding Our Smart Building Control System Services

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BuildingDNA, your choice in building system management services and building integration solution, is your Denver-based SaaS (Software as a Service) smart building software services company, providing intelligent building software and premier building security technology solutions. We're working hard with our building integration solution to solve the problems that facility management has consistently experienced in the wake of technological advancement through our building intelligence and building continuity system. While smart buildings sell at a 17% premium, generally attract up to 35% higher lease rates, and drive down operating costs from 50-80% more than Legacy Systems - there's still a big problem. Smart facilities such as these will likely never achieve the mass potential their investors expect. The complexity of maintaining smart facilities increases as building intelligence increases and that IS the problem. In fact, there has been no viable solution until now with BuildingDNA's innovative building control system, our smart building software solution and services.

Your Choice in Building Security Software and Technology

Facilities issues can arise at any time, and you simply can't do everything yourself. The notion of faster processing has become extremely important as we enter the world of big data and quick decision making. Today there is so much data generated from systems, sensors and cameras, that this massive data is becoming harder and harder to capture. Even once this amount of data is gathered in one place, it's even harder to analyze and synthesize. Studies are finding that visualization technology is the most efficient and effective option for making sense of all this data.

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So why not utilize that visual awareness technology in your facility's management with a smart building integration and monitoring system? With BuildingDNA's building intelligence service and building intelligence, we're working toward a future where you never do need to sort through this data. With our Building continuity system, we provide a smooth interface capable of audible interaction as well as system statistics and digital mapping. Your building maintenance has never been more sound with the building security technology system options you'll find here at BuildingDNA and our building intelligence option. No other company can compete with our building security system and our smart building software recognized by the IoT. Our intelligent building technology provides you with a safer, more secure option in building security with our building security system here at BuildingDNA. Via the IoT, BuildingDNA is considered the leader in intelligent building technology and building monitoring systems. Continue below for more information on the outstanding smart building and intelligent building system that we offer here at BuildingDNA.

Our Award-Winning Building Intelligence System

BuildingDNA is the leader in visual and building intelligence for smarter, safer buildings and the current holder of the prestigious "Overall Smart City Solution of the Year" by IoT Breakthrough. IoT Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market today. Thanks to their gracious recognition, BuildingDNA and our intelligent building system is being increasingly recognized as the premier choice in smart security for a variety of contexts, from home security to our business continuity management and monitoring system. Take advantage of our smart building IoT to increase your building's safety, security, and efficiency while saving you money and time on facilities management.

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BuildingDNA, your building technology solution, is creating safer, more sustainable communities... one building at a time. Via the Internet of Things (IoT), our smart building software system provide Intrabuilding Visual Awareness™ (IVA) with powerful applications in public safety, business continuity and building maintenance. BuildingDNA is the most intelligent building technology  and security solution available today, here to keep your facilities and their occupants safe. Give us a call today for more information on our smart security options for your building.

BuildingDNA cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things, we provide a building automation system and building management solution, creating a safer community.

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