BuildingDNA Founder and President Glenn Morris Joins CompTIA Smart Cities Advisory Council

Denver, CO, April 3, 2018 – CompTIA, the world’s leading technology association, announced today that Glenn Morris, founder and president of BuildingDNA, the leader in visual intelligence for smarter, safer buildings, has joined its Smart Cities Advisory Council.

As the founder of BuildingDNA, Morris is deeply rooted in the smart cities industry and is committed to channeling technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), to help create smarter and safer buildings.

“With the breadth of his experience in our industry, Morris is a strong addition to our Smart Cities Advisory Council,” said Annette Taber, CompTIA’s vice president for industry outreach. “Morris’ insights into the business of technology – how it is developed, marketed, purchased and deployed – will help guide the actions we take as an advisory council, an association and an industry.”

During his 35-year career at companies including Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment Corporation, NASA, Texas Instruments, CyberCash and more, Morris gained the insights that provided BuildingDNA’s foundation. While at NASA, he led the development of the world’s first space-based robotics facility, as well as a data system for unmanned spacecraft.

“The Smart Cities Advisory Council is focused on creating ‘playbooks’ for city managers planning smart city initiatives,” said Morris. “The council’s mission is to provide stakeholders in these efforts with case studies, ROI examples, best practices etc., to help them plan and execute smart city initiatives.”

The CompTIA Smart Cities Advisory Council addresses relevant industry trends and issues affecting the IoT market, where platforms and methodologies are evolving rapidly and communities are exploring new technology initiatives to improve the quality of life for their citizens. Among its tasks, this council will define the many complex components of a smart cities infrastructure and will discuss and solve barriers and accelerators to adoption to help businesses of all sizes improve operations and profit from IoT market expansion and innovation.

About BuildingDNA

Winner of the “IoT Breakthrough 2018 Overall Smart City Solution of the Year award,” BuildingDNA is creating safer, more sustainable communities…one building at a time. Via the Internet of Things (IoT), we provide Intrabuilding Visual Awareness (IVA) with powerful applications in public safety, business continuity and building maintenance. This revolutionary combination of smart visual mapping, connected building systems and predictive/prescriptive analytics is changing the game for both first responders and facility managers. For more information, please visit, like our Facebook page @bldgdna and follow us on Twitter @building_dna and LinkedIn @BuildingDNA.


About CompTIA

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