BuildingDNA Engages First Capital Business Development to Accelerate the Company to Market

BuildingDNA Engages First Capital Business Development to Accelerate the Company to Market

– BuildingDNA Adds Substantial Capital Markets, Operations and Product Launch Expertise to Team

Denver, Colorado – BuildingDNA, developer of the Building DNA EnterpriseTM Service, announced today that it has engaged proven “accelerator” First Capital Business Development to deliver comprehensive growth solutions for its building asset mapping platform. First Capital will provide the leadership, access to capital and strategic partnerships necessary to evolve BuildingDNA from proven product to successful company.

“Having already generated material revenue from its beta rollout, BuildingDNA is positioned for success across a number of fronts,” stated First Capital President and CEO Gary Graham. “The commercial property asset management market is growing rapidly, but it is highly fragmented – there are many products that address certain areas of need, but no comprehensive solution. As the only cost-effective visual mapping tool, BuildingDNA can overlay multiple technologies and aggregate them into one user-friendly offering.

“Moreover, we believe BuildingDNA is an ideal solution for commercial insurance providers,” continued Graham. “Because it provides a visual, highly detailed record of a property and its most valuable assets, it can dramatically reduce underwriting time and make more accurate the claims process – potentially leading to lower premiums offered (and thus a more competitive proposition).

“Finally, and perhaps most intriguing, is BuildingDNA’s potential application as an invaluable tool for first responders in the event of an emergency at a school or governmental building. While in transit, first responders could access a school’s BuildingDNA via a tablet, identify all points of egress and most efficiently plan routes to both students and perpetrators. We feel that this application could be universal, as well as incredibly meaningful.”

“While have confirmed strong interest in and applicability for BuildingDNA, we recognize that we need professional leadership in fully launching to the capital and commercial markets,” stated BuildingDNA Founder and President Glen Morris. “We are confident in First Capital’s ability to provide access to capital, and in its expertise to help convert BuildingDNA to an effective sales organization. It is our distinct pleasure to welcome First Capital to our team.”

About First Capital Business Development

We are a hands-on business accelerator for emerging growth technology companies. Although the execution is complex, the proposition is simple – for nearly 20 years we have provided our clients with three solutions vital to their commercial success:

  1. Access to capital
  2. An enhancement of their customer acquisition process
  3. Business leadership, both interim and permanent

Unlike other accelerator platforms, we do not advise from the sidelines – we jump in the game and take an active management role as a true partner to the company. As such we are very rigorous in our client selection process. We only work with disruptive, scalable, commercially-ready technologies…and entrepreneurs who recognize their professional strengths and weaknesses. Over a 6 – 12 month engagement, we monetize an outstanding product or technology and dramatically increase shareholder value.

About BuildingDNA

BuildingDNA Inc. is the developer of the flagship BuildingDNA Enterprise? service. This software as a service (SaaS) platform provides building owners, managers and operators with easy-to-use tools to help manage their properties. Its unique visual interface is based on building plans (think “Google Maps” indoors) and includes geo-location of all major assets and equipment, fire and life safety assets, work order management and a complete document library for each property. The system is also smartphone and tablet compatible, and can be accessed in-transit by emergency first responders.

BuildingDNA cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things, we provide a building automation system and building management solution, creating a safer community.

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