BuildingDNA Becoming “Internet of Things” Pioneer with SensorDNA

BuildingDNA Becoming “Internet of Things” Pioneer with SensorDNA

– To Be First Building Mapping Solution with Integrated “Live Data” from Sensors

Denver, Colorado – BuildingDNA® (, developer of the BuildingDNA™ SaaS mapping platform for Building Optimization and Crisis Management, unveiled today the evolutionary next phase of the platform: the world’s first integration of sensor and controls feeds into a dynamic building map. SensorDNA™ will function as the Enhancement Engine® for the BuildingDNA™ platform, allowing users to directly connect with and take action against data from a wide variety of sensors, in real-time and cost-effective fashion. Within the BuildingDNA™ Command Center®, users will be able to visually interact with the true heart of their building. Select capabilities include:

  • Energy usage measurement and control
  • Temperature/relative humidity monitoring
  • Water detection
  • Location tagging – personnel, mobile assets
  • Live security camera feed access
  • HVAC performance oversight

“Through the Internet of Things (IoT), every aspect of a facility will soon be connected and communicating. It is our job to discover and apply innovative solutions that make best use of this powerful new information. We believe that BuildingDNA, enhanced with SensorDNA, is such a solution. It is the only platform of which we’re aware that will allow users to interact with live data, from any type of sensor, within one centralized, visual and intuitive mapping interface. We feel BuildingDNA is ideally positioned to capitalize on the IoT era.”

— Rick Hutley, CEO, StrataThought
Previously VP, Internet of Everything for Cisco Systems

“The Internet of Things is here, and the Building Optimization industry will be among the first mass adopters – the US building energy management (BEM) sensor market alone is expected to grow to $2.1 billion by 2020,” stated BuildingDNA President and Founder Glenn Morris. “Manufacturers like Whirlpool, GE and Lennox are already installing sensors on the production line to trigger performance alerts and allow for preventative maintenance. The new generation of thermostats are allowing for remote temperature control on a mobile device, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. And with the increasing threats to public safety, first responders require a real-time, actionable view into buildings – from a safe distance.

“These are but a few examples of how the IoT is changing the game for Building Optimization, and SensorDNATM will be the first to empower all of this and more within a highly visual, deeply integrated and user-friendly mapping interface.”

About BuildingDNA (

Founded in 2009, Denver-based BuildingDNA delivers an enterprise SaaS solution that is wholly unique in the world of Building Optimization – a platform expressly created to unify and enhance complementary solutions under one user-friendly, highly visual mapping interface. Customers are calling for an integrated experience: all tools available in one location, intuitively accessible and with uniform interactivity. BuildingDNA makes that possible, while creating a hub for building software providers to readily grow through partnerships and new technology opportunities. Moreover, through its enhancement engine SensorDNATM, BuildingDNA is empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) for Building Optimization, becoming the first mapping solution to integrate actionable “live data” from sensors.

BuildingDNA cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things, we provide a building automation system and building management solution, creating a safer community.

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