Glenn is the founder, visionary and core knowledge source for building and facilities management issues and opportunities. He brings to the table both cross-channel and vertical knowledge of the industry, as well as years of networking, learning and relationship-building.

Glenn gained the insights that galvanized the creation of BuildingDNA during his 35-year career at Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment Corp, NASA, Texas Instruments, CyberCash and more. While at NASA, he led the development of the world’s first space-based robotics facility, as well as a data system for unmanned space craft. At CyberCash, an internet credit card transaction processing pioneer, he envisioned, defined and led the world’s first credit card integration with a web shopping cart.

This high-tech background – and subsequent experience as an Industrial Hygienist working on more than 1,000 building renovation and restoration projects – were the genesis for this dynamic SaaS solution that is BuildingDNA.

Glenn is an avid flyfisher, golfer and is completing his private pilot’s certification. A Canadian, he lives in Denver with his wife and his dog.



Noted for his lean and efficient, ROI-minded approach to agile development, Jono has been leading the application of software to solve complex business problems for over three decades.

Following a BA in Mathematics from Dartmouth College, Jono developed project management and budgeting software for US Navy aviation and shipbuilding systems, including helping define the Navy’s first data resource management protocols. As a research faculty member at Virginia Tech, he led the creation of a series of comprehensive inventory forecast models for the nation’s nuclear inventory – models relied on heavily by the Department of Energy to make billion-dollar facility management decisions during the draw-down at the end of the Cold War. For Sandia National Laboratories, Jono spearheaded a centralized data management repository initiative for Sandia’s full-scale engineering test range, providing data management and reuse for a new central command and control center. This initiative included a state-of-the-art 3D stereo, immersive visualization center for viewing what really happens in nanosecond timeframes or high-energy environments that humans cannot otherwise directly experience.

In 2000 Jono began honing his business acumen as a software entrepreneur, founding or co-founding a series of start-ups. He currently mentors tech startups as an Executive-in-Residence a Denver-area incubator.



Scott has over 10 years of CFO leadership experience. He was most recently CFO of Fortress Investment Group-partnered Summit Investment Management and served as the outsourced CFO of numerous Summit portfolio clients. He spearheaded the financial aspects of Summit’s transformation into a company with $1 billion invested and net income exceeding $250 million. Prior to that Scott was Controller for Bay4 Capital/Convergent Capital, managing financial operations from startup phase to a public company with more than $25 million in assets. He implemented various accounting and debt systems and improved process flow, reducing projected costs by over 50%.

Scott is a Colorado-certified public accountant, and is also expert in the disciplines of finance, treasury, human resources, information technology, risk management and investor reporting. He holds an MBA in Finance & Accounting from Regis University and an Accounting degree from the University of Colorado.



James comes to us with over 20+ years of delivery-focused operations management having initially earned his bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Operations Research from Coventry University in the UK. With his principal experience being that of project and corporate change management, James has spearheaded a multitude of projects for corporations ranging from mid-size to Fortune 500 across four continents.

Previously, James has held senior positions with EFI, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFII) in both the UK and US as well as Express KCS Inc. where he opened it’s first US office, quickly positioning the company as a leader in highly specialized marketing creative services for the US market.

BuildingDNA cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things, we provide a building automation system and building management solution, creating a safer community.

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