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  • Joe Hernandez

    Joe Hernandez, our CEO, is an experienced senior level executive with strong success growing revenue and profit for companies interested in significant growth. Joe has a unique ability to architect business deals that have material and positive impacts on the bottom line. In fact, he has executed large business agreements in excess of $2B.

    Prior to Joe’s current position as CEO for BuildingDNA, he founded Lionshare Negotiations, LLC, a company dedicated to helping executives become competent negotiators as well as assisting them on their most important deals. He has worked on major supplier agreements, joint ventures, compensation agreements, and M&A negotiations. His clients include Verizon, SpaceX, Pacific Life and many other small and medium size companies. His results consistently exceed expectations.

    Joe has many years of experience in senior leadership positions where he ran large organizations to deliver next generation technology solutions. He held the position of Senior Vice President and Lead Negotiator for Intrado where he led the creation of their next generation line of business and grew it from nothing to $60M in 18 months. He developed and executed Intrado’s International Strategy, and forged their future into the Internet of Things/ Machine to Machine markets where safety was the focus. This included establishing a strategic partnership with IBM’s Smart City and Safer Planet organizations.

    As a senior executive for US WEST, he built and ran an organization that was charged with growing their big deal base (deals worth $5M and above) and ensuring strong profitability. His results were significant as he grew the base from $250M a year to $1B annually in less than two years. In addition, he worked for some of the most powerful corporations in the world including IBM and Xerox. In fact, at IBM, he was awarded their most prestigious sales honor as the number one ranked sale professional in the United States.

    Joe possesses expertise in P&L, sales leadership in government markets, education markets, and Fortune 500 commercial markets. He has further experience in marketing management, product management, finance, operations management, strategy development, competitive analysis, regulatory (telecom), legal analysis, data management, Public Safety, 9-1-1 Emergency Response, telecommunications, data networks, IoT and M2M, public speaking, high stakes negotiation, and specific experience in launching new organizations designed to drive revenues in short time frames. Joe is also Adjunct Professor of Advanced Negotiations at the Daniels School of Management at the University of Denver.


    Glenn Morris is the founder of BuildingDNA, visionary and core knowledge source for building and facilities management issues and opportunities. He brings to the table both cross-channel and vertical knowledge of the industry, as well as years of networking, learning and relationshipbuilding.

    Glenn gained the insights that galvanized the creation of BuildingDNA during his 35-year career at Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment Corp, NASA, Texas Instruments and smaller software and Internet companies. This high-tech background and subsequent experience as an Industrial Hygienist working on more than a thousand renovation and restoration projects, together form the theory behind BuildingDNA. Its unique visual interface is based on building plans (think “Google Maps” indoors) and includes geo-location of all major assets and equipment, fire and life safety and emergency planning assets, work order management and a complete document library for each property.

    While working at NASA, Mr. Morris was a member of a team of three who created the world’s first Space based Robotics Facility. Mr. Morris was also involved in the effort to create a new space based data system for unmanned space craft. At CyberCash, the world’s first Internet credit card transaction processor, Mr. Morris lead the effort to integrate this payment service with web based shopping carts. During his tenure, more than 1,000 shopping carts were integrated with the payment processing system.


    Gary J. Graham, was our Interim Chief Executive Officer and member of our Board of Directors from July 23, 2014 through May 15, 2015 when he resigned as Interim CEO and was elected as Interim Senior Vice President. His tenure as our Interim CEO is focused on effecting the financing of our Company and performing business development activities including strategic partner and other similar introductions. While serving as our Interim CEO, he was instrumental in recruiting Steven Grandchamp as our CEO. Simultaneously and since 2005, he has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of FCBD.

    On July 23, 2014, we entered into the Management Service Agreement with FCBD summarized in footnote (1) to the Management Compensation Section of this Executive Summary on page 24. He has over 30 years of investment and merchant banking experience, beginning his career at Smith Barney where he specialized in developing financing solutions for growth companies. Gary also worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert on special project financing. He has also served as Chairman, Director and Chief Executive Officer of several public and private corporations, currently serving on the boards of directors of five corporations. Gary has been featured as a speaker on financing and emerging growth companies and has published several articles on the same subject matter. Mr. Graham received a B.S. in Business Management and an Associates’ Degree in Organizational Psychology from Meyers College (Cleveland, Ohio) in 1973.


    Richard J. Hutley, has been a member of our board of directors since January 2015. Simultaneously since 2014, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of StrataThought, LLC, a San Francisco, CA based strategic consulting company focused on the role of technology and its business implications in four key areas: (i) the Internet of Everything (how the connection of billions of new devices will impact business); (ii) Big Data & Analytics (how access to new sources of information can be used for dramatic impact); (iii) Innovation (how to drive innovation in today’s IOE/IOT world: and (iv) Inclusion & Diversity (how to build and manage a diverse and inclusive workforce in the IOE era). StrataThought, focused in the Crowd Sourcing space, has an impressive collection of industry executives who have come together to form this highly innovative company.

    Prior to joining StrataThought, Mr. Hutley has been employed by Cisco Systems, Inc., a $36 billion designer, manufacturer, and seller of Internet Protocol-based networking and other mapping platforms to the communications and IT industry worldwide in increasingly responsible positions including Vice President of Global Innovations Practice for the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group since 2008. In this capacity, Mr. Hutley is responsible for advising the Boards and Executive Committees of the world’s largest entities, including commercial, government and military organizations, on the effective use of technology to address their business challenges and opportunities.

    Mr. Hutley is also a frequent member of industry panels, a speaker at major public forums and a contributor to media reports and commentary. Prior to joining Cisco, and since 1991, he was employed by British Telecom’s Concert Communications Company and its predecessor Syncordia Corporation, a $1.5 billion global telecommunications service provider operating through 53 distributor companies around the world in increasingly responsible positions including Chief Information Officer. In that capacity, he was responsible for the development and operation of Concert’s network and business management systems, including its intranet and extranet solutions for both Concert and its global partners, for which Concert received the 1997 and 1998 CIO 50/50 award as one of the top extranets in the world. While at Syncordia Corporation, Mr. Hutley served as director of information systems and was responsible for the development and operation of all systems for the first global telecommunications outsourcing company. Mr. Hutley is also a frequent member of industry panels, a speaker at major public forums and a contributor to media reports and commentary. He received an honors bachelor degree in computer science from Hatfield University, UK, in 1985, and an MBA from Cranfield University, UK in 1991. He has appeared on BBC Television’s series on computing and until recently has been a full Member of the British Computer Society. Rick was President of the Pacific Parents Association as well as a Member of the University of the Pacific Careers and Technology Advisory Boards.


    Michael Callaway, has been a member of our Board of Directors since December 2013. Simultaneously since 1987 he has served as President of Weekes & Callaway Inc., one of Florida’s oldest and largest privately held insurance agencies founded in 1954 with over $100,000,000 in premiums. The agency was recently sold to CBIZ Insurance Services now known as CBIZ Weekes & Callaway. Mike has been recognized for excellence and service throughout the insurance industry and by a broad spectrum of well-established commercial and private services clients across the United States. He is highly sought-after for his industry expertise as well as his business acumen.

    Among a host of civic duties, he currently sits on the Gulfstream Business Bank Board of Directors. He is a recent Past President of the South Palm Beach County Independent Insurance Agents Association. Involved in numerous charitable and civic causes, Mike Callaway is an active member of the Pro-Am Golf Committee for the Bethesda Hospital. He remains a committed corporate sponsor of the Annual Boca West Children’s Charity Golf Tournament. He has been an insurance professional for nearly four decades and holds the high designation of Certified Insurance Counselor, (“CIC”). Currently, he conducts business in 34 states.

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