Creating Safer, More Sustainable Communities…One Building at a Time

What if a building could speak?

What would it say?

What questions would you ask it?

Could you understand what it says?

Would it show you where a threat is?

Lifting the Roof

BuildingDNA has cracked the code on building intelligence. Via the Internet of Things (IoT), we provide Intrabuilding Visual Awareness (IVA) with powerful applications in Public Safety, Business Continuity and Building Maintenance. This revolutionary combination of smart visual mapping, connected building systems and predictive/prescriptive analytics is changing the game for both first responders and facility managers.

Bridging the Critical Intelligence Gaps

BuildingDNA alone simultaneously fills the needs of multiple core constituents

- in a timely, cost-effective way (and we do the heavy lifting).

Emergency Planning and response

Keeping our communities safe has never been a graver concern, yet even the most sophisticated public safety solutions have a critical intelligence gap – they stop at the building walls. First responders have a dangerously limited awareness of the true hazards within. The BuildingDNA platform provides accurate situational awareness, with live data feeds delivering real-time “eyes inside” en route or on-site.

Public Safety

Business Continuity

Plan, prepare and efficiently respond to any type of emergency

In today’s global economy, downtime can be deadly to an organization. But with the engaging and intuitive BuildingDNA platform, managers can transform the very core of their culture into one of safety, sustainability and shared responsibility. BuildingDNA provides the ideal foundation and tools to most effectively plan, prepare and respond – saving money while saving lives.

Building Operations Management

Maintenance costs are an enormous burden on an organization, and reactive repairs can cost up to 10x more than proactive measures. Yet most maintenance programs remain knee-jerk, mired in paper and plagued by turnover. The BuildingDNA platform makes submitting and executing work orders a breeze, and its analytics engine identifies problems before they even occur.

Building Maintenance